Earth to Core Connection

Earth to Core Connection is learning how to set up a solid foundation in your practice by pressing whatever meets the earth firmly down so that the core automatically lifts and switches on. Sometimes in class I will use the popular yoga teacher's phrase, "Root down to Raise up!"

As teachers we see a lot of students sitting or collapsing in poses which is a major problem. When we set up a strong foundation pressing into the earth we have a corresponding lift through the core and out of the hips and with that a lightness and lift of energy! We have then created space and length in our body and spine and are no longer causing compression to our spine and joints.

When we learn to set up poses early from the ground up, we rise with better alignment and so stay safe, are strong in the core and less likely to put strain on the joints, lower back and shoulders. I use these techniques in class a lot after completing a Teacher Training (and starting another) in Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga with Sadie Nardini.


· “Root down to raise up.” ~ common yoga teacher phrase.

· "Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga (CSV Yoga) is committed to bending knees, rounding the back, starting on the floor, and other techniques, to back students off so they can move the spine and pelvis again, and re-activate the deeper core muscles from the earth upward. This ensures that as a FIRST PRIORITY, they are always existing in optimal Spinal Alignment. " Sadie Nardini - CSV Yoga.

· “In ANY yoga pose, after the foundation is properly set, the first priority is to keep the spine in its natural alignment, and not compress it, twist it or pressurize it in any unhealthy way. The spine is the source of our life energy – the spinal cord - and it is the central stabilizer for the entire body, along with the pelvis. We do not, I repeat, NOT want to jeopardize this crucial area, in order to look more advanced in a yoga pose. “ ~ Sadie Nardini – Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga (CSV Yoga).

· "'Root to Rise…to greatness!’ The concept of rooting down to rise up was something intrinsic in my Anusara training. Everything starts with a strong base and grows from there. One cannot fly without first being grounded." ~ Julie Lemerond.

· “Carry your body, but please do not let your body carry you!  Walking in the streets, one can see people heavily following their bodies.  Their heads lean forwards, pulled by their necks, on their insecure legs, their feet scarcely touching the ground.  It is evident that they are slaves to their bodies, following the whispering of their minds. “ ~ Vanda Scaravelli

This was used as the Spirit Yoga Theme for the week, I hope it can guide you to practice from your core! 

Article by Martine Ford