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Spirit Yoga was initially founded in 2010 by Martine Ford in Port Macquarie, Australia. Spirit Yoga's regular classes are a fusion of Power Vinyasa Yoga (flowing), Core Strength Yoga (CSV) and Yoga Therapy (Chinese Meridian Activation). I also offer Yin Yoga as a complement to the more active Power Vinyasa (yang) classes. Spirit Yoga offers a new and exciting way to experience yoga, and you may not even need to leave the comfort of your own home.

"I aim to make yoga accessible and affordable to most ages by offering a mobile service, teaching in various locations including: gyms, schools, outdoors, in homes, offices and online. This allows people who may not have tried yoga before or who can't afford studio prices, to practice where they are. I come to you (sometimes with a boot full of yoga mats, blocks, a trolley and a smile) so you can practice and be challenged in a nurturing environment. You can also join me online, by practicing along to one of my mini yoga clips found on YouTube, book a yoga course on CoachTube or by downloading one of my e-Books from Amazon." ~ Martine Ford.

I am excited to be able to offer this style of yoga to groups, individuals and families of all ages so you can reap it's wonderful benefits. I also have certification to teach Pre & Post Natal Yoga and Kids Yoga (pre-school to teens). Private classes can be adapted to meet your (or your families) needs! You can experience the great benefits of yoga through one of the many options below:

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