There are also lots of Yoga e-Books that can be purchased online through Amazon Kindle including Yoga for the Seasons Series (five e-Books) and the Spirit Yoga Health Series (five e-Books for Asthma, Lower Back Issues, Pregnancy, Stress and Anxiety and Weight-loss). 

Want to practice an online class? That is also covered with Coachtube. 

Online yoga classes by Martine Ford of Spirit Yoga on Coachtube.
Come practice with me anywhere, anytime on Coachtube. Lots of FREE mini classes as well as one hour paid classes to choose from. 
Martine Ford of Spirit Yoga on the cover of the Breathing (Pranayama) Booklet
Breathing exercises for stress relief, physical tension and muscle tightness. There are numerous benefits of pranayama, here are just a few - the improvement of memory and concentration levels, improved lung function as we age. It can even reverse or reduce the effects of aging which includes joint...
Cover of Spring Yoga by Spirit Yoga
Spring Yoga: 20 Poses for the Liver and Gall Bladder Meridians. Are you feeling bloated, angry and unable to make decisions? These poses activate the energy channels of the Liver and Gall Bladder. When these organs become balanced it provides us with the ability to change and be flexible, just like...