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Hands holding a frangipani on the cover of the Do-In Self Massage Booklet
Image of the Do-In Self Massage Booklet Cover by Spirit Yoga

 Self-massage techniques that revive the body’s main functions, and also regulate the nervous system.

Do-In pronounced Dough-een, is based mainly on the time-tested principles of acupuncture, it is a simple, safe and easy method of balancing the energy flow in our body.  According to Chinese Medicine, our bodies have 12 meridian pathways. These meridians allow our vital energy to circulate. It is the perfect morning routine to clear our mind, get our body parts working and give us a good source of energy. It is also a great pick- me -up used around morning or afternoon tea time. Do-In is a series of rubbing, tapping, pulling and gentle massaging on the body’s pressure points located on the body’s meridians. Do-In revives the body’s main functions, including respiration, circulation and digestion, and it also regulates the nervous system.

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