Yoga for Pregnancy

Yoga for Pregnancy(front cover) by Spirit Yoga
Yoga pose by Darlene Sonter for the e-Book, Yoga for Pregnancy by Spirit Yoga

Yoga for Pregnancy offers enormous benefits, both physically and mentally. Yoga is gentle on the body, and boosts energy rather than draining it. The pranayama (breathing techniques) combined with the poses relieve stress and anxiety, helping mothers-to-be to keep calm and focused during stressful times including labour.

Any movements that hurt of create great discomfort should be avoided. As with any form of exercise, you are advised to first check with your doctor before practicing. It is advised that you should refrain from practicing yoga in your first trimester because of the danger of miscarriage.

The Spirit Yoga Health Series is a collection of yoga books designed to benefit a particular health concern & made into an easy to follow class. These yoga classes bring balance to your body and life so you can function with ease.

Yoga for Preganancy is available on Amazon through Kindle e-Books for just $3.99.
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