Do you have feelings of fear, indecisiveness, jealousy, and resentment?

According to the Chinese Five Element theory, the body is made up of the same five primary elements that exist in nature – Wood, Fire, Metal, Earth and Water. Each of these elements relates to different organs, and effects physical and psychological parts of our makeup.
In winter the water element is strongest, so activating the meridians (energy channels) of the bladder and kidney brings balance to these organs, and restores warmth and emotional courage. 
Winter scene
The bladder
The bladder is responsible for storing and excreting the urinary waste fluids passed from our kidneys, and is also related to the functions and balance of the autonomous nervous system. When we become stressed from our busy lifestyles and challenges, our sympathetic nervous system is over active and we then notice tension and pain along our spine. By stimulating the flow of energy along the bladder meridians, we can relieve that tension and pain. Certain yoga poses are restorative in nature as the nervous system and mind are calmed and balanced. 
Bladder imbalance can cause symptoms like, fear and indecisiveness. If the imbalance is chronic, it can trigger jealousy, suspicion and resentment.
“Fear is never dear and always comes from ones rear.” ~ Wake-Up Calls

Fear is never in the present, and always related to something from the past. When we let go of our attachment to fear, we can let go of our emotions or beliefs and experience love againToday choose love instead of fear by letting go of the fearful past.

Meridians for the bladder
The bladder meridian starts at the inner eye corner, up to the eyebrow, over the head. It then divides into four paths running parallel to the spine, into the kidney and bladder. It then runs down the back of the thigh, knee, calf and outer ankle to the outer tip of the little toe.
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Article by Martine Ford