Yoga for Weight-loss

Are you seeking to lose some weight and wonder how yoga can contribute to loss of kilos?
Basically we need to move more and eat less: that's the basics to losing weight and yoga can help in both the physical and mental aspects. Regularly practising dynamic yoga poses gets your body moving and burns kilos, twists aid better digestion and detoxifies the body, side bends sculpt a slimmer waist and the spiritual and emotional sides of yoga can encourage you to deal with any eating and weight problems on a deeper level. 
Step on a mat not on scales by Spirit Yoga for Weight-loss
Poses that utilise the whole of the body are the most beneficial for weight-loss. Lots of Sun Salutations are great for those seeking to drop a dress/pant size. The flowing sequence (vinyasa) generates heat, raising core temperature and causing blood vessel dilation. Blood vessel dilation combines with perspiration to cool the body and this sweating causes us to release toxins from the body. 
Sun Salutations also alternatively contract and relax muscles and this creates a ‘pumping’ effect in the veins & improves return of blood to the heart. As the chambers of the heart fills to optimal level, so does cardiac output. When cardiac output increases more blood circulates to the vital organs, including the liver and kidney, also creating more perspiration leading to detox and essentially helping you to achieve ideal weight. 
To assist with weight-loss it is beneficial to use yoga corrective poses that will help bring the liver, large intestine and spleen back into balance. 
By working on the meridian lines for the liver we can detoxify and cleanse the body of the toxins that can accumulate. When these organs are balanced we can also gain healthier joints, immune system, and vision. We feel a sense of clarity, inspiration and connection to a higher purpose so we are then able to make better decisions to find and maintain optimum health.
The large intestine is a prime organ of elimination, when this organ is functioning well, the body can let go of toxins efficiently giving you the chance to lose excess weight, strengthen and tone the body and target problem areas. When it is balanced, your ability to absorb minerals from food increases and you gain clarity and focus. Skin condition also improves as does your energy, vitality and optimism, helping you feel more eager to exercise your body to health.
The spleen/pancreas function is responsible for assimilation and storing the nutrients from our food. When the spleen is imbalanced we experience fatigue, neediness and a lack of desire, so activating the meridians of the spleen can help us feel centred, grounded, sensual, satisfied, content and more energetic. 
As with any fitness plan, yoga needs to be done regularly and with intensity to achieve desired weight loss (min 3 times a week, daily even better!) Finally, it is important to remember to maintain a healthy diet in combination with any workout regimen.
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Article by Martine Ford