Yoga for Asthma

Image of martine ford of Spirit Yoga in a yoga pose for Yoga for Asthma e-Book
Yoga for Asthma pose and image
Do you suffer from shallow breathing, asthma, or bronchitis? Do you want to let go of the feelings of depression, hopelessness, sadness, despair & anxiety & instead awaken your natural state of trust, hope, joy and vitality? 
This book, Yoga for Asthma is informative & made into an easy to follow yoga class with concise instructions. Each yoga pose also has an image so you can practice with confidence, knowing that you are in correct alignment in each pose. This book also offers you a link to a FREE 15 minute Yoga for Asthma video clip demonstrating some of the traditional yoga poses and Yoga Therapy poses recommended to ease asthma conditions. 

This e-Book also explains how the Eight Limbs of Yoga can be applied to your life to help you with asthma management. There are also a couple of other video links threaded through the book showing you how to correctly practice the Mini Sun Salute and the Full Sun Salutation.

Included in this class for Asthma are some yoga therapy poses that help to balance the lung and large intestine so the sufferer can breathe with more ease, find greater lung capacity, as well as having more mental clarity and alertness and returned feelings of hope and optimism.

According to Chinese Medicine, the lungs control breath and energy and assist the heart with blood circulation. Breathing controls cellular respiration, so when we aren’t breathing sufficiently, we have low vitality and insufficient metabolism. Breathing controls the autonomous nervous system; this relationship is what yoga and meditation is based on. Breathing forms a link between the body and mind and can be used to keep the two in harmony.

Yoga for Asthma is available on Amazon through Kindle e-Books for just $3.99.

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